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The Right Fit

Getting to know you, your department and your company is key to defining an ideal candidate profile. Stafford Technology in Columbus wants to find the perfect candidates to fulfill your short or long-term project needs.  We would love to help your company find the ideal person to meet your needs, if you would like to find out more please call us at 614-973-6027 or email us at

Columbus Boutique Staffing Agency

Jeremy and Lisa work on candidates in Columbus.

  • Stafford Technology works with key stakeholders and managers to find the ideal candidate profile.

  • Stafford takes time to meet and build the relationships necessary to get to know the many key details that are critical to a successful staffing relationship. We take a sincere interest to find out what is important to you and your management team.

  • Our account managers listen so we understand your history, your department, your role, your team, your future, and your needs.

  • Stafford gains insights on what you or your department supports, how your team supports them, and what is critical to being successful.

  • Our account managers look to fully understand the culture, management style, and KPI’s that are measured for success.

  • Stafford uses every interaction to learn your best practices, what has been successful and what has not been successful to ensure a better partnership.

  • Our account managers evaluate all the information and then drill down further on each position/role and collaborate to learn the ideal candidate profile.

  • Stafford account managers and technical recruiters consistently communicate with all parties to ensure that key details are received, conveyed, and understood.