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I worked with Stafford in order to find and connect me with my new employer. We met in person and I believe they effectively listened and understood my experience as well as what I was confidentially looking for in my next career opportunity. Within several months I was presented with, interviewed and accepted a new opportunity that met what I shared I was looking for. Every IT job/position has its challenges, but it’s nice to face those challenges in an environment where I really feel well connected with my management team and I’m provided an opportunity to make a difference every day. Stafford and their team are as good as it gets in my opinion.

Bob, Infrastructure Director

The team at Stafford is consistently the best in the business. They seem to always have intuitive understanding of our situation, offer the right fit at the right time, and offer a valuable perspective. I consider them a true partner and recognize that neither my projects nor my team would be nearly as complete without their help.

Jake, IT Management

I have partnered with Stafford Technology to fill key technology positions and have referred them on to others as well. Stafford is responsive, has strong customer service and follow through, and has a business (as opposed to sales) approach. He is driven to generate qualified candidates and is ultimately concerned with ensuring a true match between the candidate and the company (skill and culture match). Stafford is quite knowledgeable of the IT market, specific technologies and skills, and how these relate in different geographies.

Wendy, Executive Manager

Stafford and their team listen, they ask the right questions, enable a successful engagement, and they deliver on the requirements given to them.

Kyle, Director of Infrastructure

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stafford Technology to expand my team. I would definitely recommend them to any technology teams looking to add new, qualified talent.

Joe, Architect / Development Lead

Stafford Technology is a valuable asset in my recruiting process. They have done a great job learning what we need in employees from a technical and cultural fit. They really understand who will be a successful employee and present the appropriate candidates.

Eric, CIO

Stafford Technology is an honest, hardworking group of individuals that I can always count on to provide exceptional candidates that meet my expectations and personality requirements. Their personal touch approach to business is what makes them stand out from other resource firms I have worked with in the past.

Chad, CIO

“I am continually pleased with Stafford-Technology. They are easy to work with and have a commitment to providing/presenting quality contractors.”

Stephen, IT Operations Center

“Stafford is a great resource for our IT staffing needs. They respond quickly with qualified candidates. They’ve made finding the right people much easier!”

Christine, Operations Manager

“When I deal with Stafford, it really feels like they are making a match, not a sale.  Their ability to ask the probing questions and interpret the responses leads to receiving candidates who fit on competency, culture, and compensation.  Currently, the top 2 members of my team are both Stafford placements.  They are a key piece in achieving my talent acquisition strategy.”

Bob, Chief Innovation Officer / Director of Technology & Strategy

“As a startup, it is important for us to work with partners who can move quickly and get things done with as little overhead (i.e. time and effort) as possible. Stafford meets those requirements! When we are looking for contract help, Jeremy listens closely, makes sure he understands our needs, and then simply finds us who we’ve asked for. As a Co-Founder who is juggling a thousand priorities, I really appreciate the efficiency of Stafford’s process!” 

Amy, Co-founder / Operations