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We Have High Standards

When working with Stafford Technology you can expect us to meet all your recruiting and staffing needs.  We strive to find the perfect candidate for your role. No matter long or short term you will get the best candidate for the job.  We ensure this by working closely with your team to find first and foremost a cultural and technological fit so the ideal person is found.  If you would like to work with Stafford Technology please reach out to us by calling 614-973-6027 or email


Employee’s working at Stafford Offices

When working with Stafford Technology Columbus you can expect:

  • A commitment to quality

  • Professional and honest communication

  • Trust based relationships

  • Accessibility

  • Process driven

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Results oriented

  • Decisions made based on what is best for a long term relationship

We expect all of our employees to uphold these operating standards on a daily basis.   We look forward to giving you a top rated experience.