Treating people like people not like commodities.

Our Mission

Stafford Technology specializes in contract and permanent staffing for .net development, front end development, systems administration, support, and data management solutions. We start by learning your culture, expectations, and the problem you need to solve, and then find the right person who is the right fit. Easy to do business with, Stafford Technology is a transparent, agile, positive partner that serves as an extension of your team.

Latest News

January 11, 2021 in article

How Columbus Has Grown for IT Job seekers

Denying the impact that IT is playing in turning our world from the simple mundane or trite to the everyday extra-ordinary is becoming more impossible. From smart Assistants to automated…
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December 26, 2020 in article

Tips For Using ZOOM For Conferences

At the start of the pandemic, we all thought social distancing rules was going to bring an end to office meetings. Boy, were we wrong! Within a space of three…
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November 24, 2020 in article, Technology

How Columbus stands up in the Tech industry (by the numbers)

Columbus is not just known as Ohio’s capital anymore; its meteoric rise is seeing it become one of the most prominent tech capitals in the United States. In 2017, McKesson's…
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November 24, 2020 in article, Resumes

Do Certifications Make a Difference on a Resume?

Today’s job market is fiercer than ever before. Consequently, job seekers are doing everything they can to gain the extra edge - from getting advanced degrees to gaining certifications to…
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