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Make a great first impression!

Use these tips to craft a winning resume that makes you stand out from others.

  • Use normal fonts at 10-12 points on white paper.

  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs.

  • List all relevant content and try to keep to 1-2 pages.

  • Generally speaking, omit any graphics or pictures.

  • All dates should include month and year.

  • Use Word to create your resume and save your files with first and last name. (i.e. Matt_Stafford_Resume.doc)

  • Use a professional address such as

  • List employment starting with most recent position.

  • List education, training, certifications and professional associations.

  • Use present tense, action verbs.

  • Do not use partial truths or outright lies.

  • Do not include hobbies.

  • Do not state “available to interview” or “references available upon request” but have them ready in a separate document.

  • Do not include any discriminatory information such as age or marital status.

  • Triple check spelling and grammatical errors. Do not trust spellcheck. Read multiple times to ensure that everything is perfect.