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Your resume landed you an interview, now what?

Succeeding in job interviews takes preparation, practice and persistence. Here are the top interviewing tips you can use to land the perfect job.

  • Do your research – Researching the company before the interview will give you an edge in understanding and addressing the company’s needs.

  • Look sharp – Depending on the industry and position, get out your best clothes. Make sure they are cleaned and pressed. Dress for success!

  • Be prepared – Bring extra copies of your resume, something to take┬ánotes with and have your references close at hand.

  • Be on time – Allow extra time to arrive early. Walk into the building 10-15 minutes prior to your interview time.

  • Show enthusiasm – A firm handshake, eye contact and a smile go a long way.

  • Listen – Make sure you are listening and reading between the lines.

  • Answer the question asked – Understand what is being asked, ask for clarification if needed and answer appropriately.

  • Give specific examples – Prepare to demonstrate your achievements.

  • Ask questions – Have two follow-up questions to ask after the interview.

  • Follow up – Write a thank you note by mail or email, don’t miss this last chance to market yourself.