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Counter offers are always a possibility when going through a career transition.  Whether we expect it or not, in times of panic your current employer may decide to try and keep you from leaving. In our many years of professional experience, counter offers have consistently been a source of confusion for candidates.  Sometimes it makes sense to accept a counter offer and sometimes it does not. The decision is ultimately yours. 

The following are some reasons we have seen why accepting a counter offer can be tricky:

  • After revealing to your current employer that you wanted to leave, the relationship you had can and often does change, even after you decided to stay.

  • Considering you nearly had to leave in order to get a raise from your employer, what lengths will you have to go to the next time you want a raise?

  • If you are trying to leverage another offer to get a counter offer, you may be told to take the original offer and leave when you didn’t really want to.

  • The new employer may never consider you again if you turn down their first offer.

  • Rule of Thumb – 70 to 80% of people who accept counter offers either leave or are let go within 1 year of accepting the counter.


This can be a difficult decision to make, which is why at Stafford, we will walk you through these scenarios as they arise and help you determine the best course for your career.