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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stafford Technology to locate a new career opportunity.  As I went through this process, I found Stafford very easy to work with.  Their professionalism, assertiveness and follow-through greatly streamlined the job search process.  This effort resulted in an excellent placement with an outstanding, growing company; and with a very quick turnaround.

Joe, Senior Developer

“Without the help of Stafford technology I would be stuck at a job I was extremely unhappy with. I applied for many jobs on my own and always came up short or had offers that were less than what fitted my family’s needs. The staff at Stafford technology was extremely helpful and determined to find me a job that was more suited for me. At my position now I enjoy going to work and my co-employees are extremely friendly and a joy to be around. I am very appreciative of the effort that Stafford Technology gave.”

Nathan, End User Support / Administrator

“I really enjoyed working with Stafford, they took the time to figure out what exactly I was looking for regarding new opportunities.     They didn’t just try to plug in just anywhere, but rather they matched me with a career that I’m very happy with.”

Troy, Network Administrator

“I am so grateful for Stafford in helping me find my new position. Austin and Daphinie offered their assistance throughout the entire process; they were there when an opportunity unexpectedly fell through, and they have checked in with me regularly since I was hired. It’s now thanks to Stafford I love going to work every day.”

Tyler, End User Support

“I had signed up with Stafford Technology initially while looking to rejoin the workforce.

In fact, signed on with several companies.  Stafford is the only one I kept contact with even after starting a new job. Ben and the staff truly do care and want you to be the best fit for your position. I had not worked with Stafford in about a year and out of the blue Ben contacted me. They had the perfect position, tailor fitted for me. Great benefits, awesome company, and I fit the culture like a glove. I could not believe he remembered, even from going back.  My skill set, what I wanted in a company. Going on that interview and consequently getting the job turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  Stafford went above and beyond what I expect from a staffing firm, even when I was not personally looking.

 James, Systems Administrator

“After a few months of struggling to find a new job in the IT field after being laid off from a previous employer, Stafford was able to secure me several interviews in my field within the first few days of contacting them. Stafford provided me daily updates on jobs in my field and was instrumental in helping me get the job I finally accepted. They were even able to negotiate me a better compensation package than was initially offered in the job posting.”

Justin, Sr. IT Specialist

“When I found myself unexpectedly back on the job market, I was vexed and apprehensive about finding a new professional home that would offer the same culture and non-monetary benefits that I had grown accustomed to in my current employer.  My primary focus of comraderie and a positive environment that encouraged growth and development involved identifying details that might be difficult to discern within a few brief interviews or a couple of Google searches.  My worst trepidation was ending up at an employer where I didn’t feel happy as I drove to work each morning.  Once I started working with Stafford Technology, those fears were alleviated.  It was obvious from our first meeting together that Stafford invests the time to get to know and understand their clients’ needs beyond the monetary measures.  After getting to know me on a personal level, Stafford worked diligently to match me with an employer that would celebrate me as an individual, recognize and utilize my strengths, value my experience, and promote our mutual success.  I never would have believed that I could be happier than I was at my previous employer; However, Stafford Technology brought me together with Revolution Group and I couldn’t have found a better place to call home.  Revolution Group’s values and missions were so parallel to mine, that it was if I had written them myself.  When I met with the team, it was instantaneously more like spending time with friends than an interview.  When I left my interview, I knew that Stafford had found my perfect match on the first try! This was possible due to Stafford’s dedication to looking beyond numbers and questionnaire algorithms to create such a harmonious and successful match.  Even after the successful placement, Stafford continues to stay in contact and offer any on-going support I might need.  I truly consider my Stafford Reps as my champions and advocates for my best interests.  Hopefully, I won’t be back on the job market again; However, should I find myself looking, I will be sure that my first call is to Stafford Technologies.”

-Lucinda, Sr. Systems Engineer

“Stafford Technology has been extremely responsive and resourceful in helping me search for a full-time developer position. The service, the prompt attention and the consistent follow up I got from the staffs speak well of their recruiting and screening process and the professionalism of the company.”

Ashley, Developer