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Information Technology is currently the fastest-growing sector in the United States. According to a report from the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer-related services is expected to rise by 15% through 2022. As a technologist, great jobs are out there… it starts by knowing where to look.

Often, it means paying more attention to industry-specific job boards. In this post, we explore nine effective job searching sites for tech jobs. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest and one of the most effective platforms for professional networking and finding jobs. Recruiters from across all industries make use of LinkedIn to look for candidates within their niche. 

With the rising prominence of tech, employers make use of LinkedIn to find IT-related professionals, including programmers, engineers, cloud specialists, database administrators, computer systems analysts, and more. With over 3.4 million listed Tech/IT jobs, LinkedIn is where you must be!

  • Seen by Indeed

Seen by Indeed is a talent-matching platform that’s part of the larger Indeed platform but focuses on tech roles. This platform is highly invaluable to individuals looking for technical roles in fields ranging from software engineering to data science to project management. 

To make use of this platform, you first must fill in a profile where you provide your areas of expertise, qualification level, and proficiency in software skills. You can also schedule convenient interview times and minimum salary in view. Seen then pairs you with companies that you are a good fit for. Seen by Indeed is free to use. 

  • Dice

Dice is a job platform suited for world-class talent, specifically geared towards technology. This platform helps employers to eliminate the noise of generalist sites to better connect with technologists seeking better opportunities. 

Dice advertises about 100,000 tech-related positions daily, making it an effective job site for job seekers. With millions of verified and skilled tech candidates, employers equally have access to great future employees. Dice’s AI and predictive analytics allows companies to find candidates that strongly matches their openings. 

  • GitHub

GitHub is the world’s largest repository with over 40 million users. Chances are you have a GitHub account if you are a software engineer or data scientist, and your profile should be as strong as your resume on LinkedIn. Your GitHub profile shows recruiters your past technical works and contributions, allowing them to assess your proficiency.

GitHub also features a job board where you can search by roles and location for jobs that might be suited for you. While most of the jobs on GitHub’s board are full-time and on-site, remote work or part-time roles are occasionally posted. 

  • Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It was launched in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, and it has become of the world’s most visited websites. It is a great place to get answers to questions and get the pulse of the newest technological trends. 

Stack Overflow also has a job board that allows employers to post jobs to attract potential candidates. Candidates can also apply for jobs that suit their qualifications. 

  • The Muse

Founded by Kathryn Minshew in 2011, The Muse is a New York City-based online career platform. What sets The Muse apart from other platforms is their heavy focus on providing you with the resources you need for career success. This includes career advice from experts, as well as blogs. 

They also offer a behind-the-scenes look at job opportunities from hundreds of companies. This allows you to have a feel for what it is like to work at those companies. There are several jobs listed on The Muse and the great thing is that you do not need an account to start browsing and applying.

  • AngelList

If you are interested in working for a tech startup, then AngelList is where you must be! The unique emphasis on startup jobs provides opportunities for unique benefits like equity. The openings on AngelList typical share salary and equity. 

With AngelList, you can make your job search secret. This allows you to hide your profile from search results of companies until you approve them. With over 36,000 startups hiring on AngelList – of which the majority are tech jobs – it is high time you create an account.

  • CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard is a web-based online platform that operates as the official job board of the TechCrunch Network. You can get access to many internet and technology-related jobs on the platform. Prominent companies like Dell, MindBody Online, and Salesforce make use of CrunchBoard. With over 20,000 Tech/IT jobs listed, it is worth giving a shot. 

  • Uncubed

Uncubed is a job search website that features jobs from both startups and Fortune 500 companies. It is a great resource to find jobs in digital skillsets like data science, software development, product management, UI/UX, and sales. Companies like Airbnb, Okta, Ring, and Netflix make use of Uncubed. 

About Stafford Technology

Stafford Technology is a boutique IT consultancy and staffing firm, specializing in development, systems/network administration, and data management solutions. They place a strong emphasis on understanding the needs, both in skill set and culture for employers and job seekers. They also simplify the process, making them easy to work with as you look for the right talent, or the right job opening.


These are the most effective sites to find tech jobs. However, remember that networking is still the best way to get jobs. That is why it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Reach out to friends and former colleagues that may be able to refer you. And during job applications, make sure you submit a relevant, updated, and SEO-optimized resume. 

Good luck with your tech job search!