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If you employ a bad hire, their ineptitude is going to negatively impact your business. You’ll also have lower staff morale to deal with as the bad hire becomes a drag to others. At the end of the day, you’ll have to find a replacement – and the sooner the better. But this also comes at a cost!

That’s why having a solid recruitment strategy in place is important. Great companies are characterized by great employees, among many other factors. That’s precisely why they put in immense effort to seek the best talents in the marketplace. But how sophisticated is your HR department to handle the all-important task of recruiting? Hiring in today’s world is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, you need experts to help you find ideal candidates. In this post, we explore how recruiters can help your company. 

Easy Access to Better Qualified Candidates

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. Good recruitment involves a combination of various strategies and looking at the right places. Because that’s their primary job, recruitment agencies have the resources and knowledge to get talents from multiple sources. 

Some of the channels recruiters use include:

  • Job Boards: Because recruiters often make use of job boards, they are better able to negotiate cheaper placement rates with popular boards. You can, therefore, get easy access to new candidates. 
  • Talent pipeline: Over the past decade, more job seekers have been turning towards reputable recruiting agencies like Stafford Technology. With a robust pool of talent, recruiters can easily match you with candidates that are perfectly suited for the job role. 
  • Passive candidates: Recruiting agencies also actively reach out to talented individuals through emails, telephone, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. 

Times have changed. A simple newspaper ad isn’t going to cut it. In a world where you’re competing for top talent, using a recruiter will give you the extra edge you need. 

Gain Time For More Relevant Tasks

Every company constantly has a series of tasks it needs to accomplish to thrive. From managing clients to product development, there’s always something to do. Imagine what would happen if you could divert your time and resources to tasks that are most relevant to your business. Your productivity is sure to improve. 

Unless you’re a recruitment agency, you have no business recruiting as valuable activities could be spent on more impactful aspects of your business. Using a recruiter saves your time!

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it takes an average of 36 days for companies to fill a position. Imagine the time you need to dedicate to evaluating applications, communicating with candidates, and conducting interviews. Recruiting agencies take away most of the hassles of screening CVs, communicating with clients, initial interviews, salary negotiations, and more. They only present you with strong candidates. This ensures you won’t waste your time on low-value candidates. 

Tap Into Deeper Knowledge of Market Trend

For most businesses (particularly small and medium-sized), keeping up with the current hiring trends in your industry is almost impossible. But you know what? It’s the recruiter’s job to keep up with the trend for you. Recruiting agencies have access to the latest news, developments, and current affairs in their clients’ industries. By sharing their insight with you, you get to also stay up-to-date. 

For instance, maybe you have to replace an employee but you have no idea what the current going rate for that role is. If you offer too much in terms of salary, you’re losing money (which is bad for any company). But by offering too little, you won’t be able to attract the best candidates. A recruiter can help you with salary bench-marking. By setting the right compensation, you get to attract great candidates without short-changing yourself. 

Another instance where a recruiting agency might be helpful is if you want to create a new role in your organization. You probably have a limited idea of what to look for. But a recruiter would have helped other companies hire candidates for similar positions. You can leverage their knowledge to hire perfectly suited candidates for your newly created position. 

Employer Branding

There’s a reason most people want to work for Google, Deloitte or LinkedIn. These companies have created a strong brand that makes them an instant magnet for top talent. A recruitment agency can help rebrand your company into a higher status – not just in recruitment, but throughout your entire business. 

During the recruitment process, they’ll present your company in the most positive light, explaining your company culture to candidates so they can effectively get a feel for what you’re about. That’s why at Stafford Technology, we spend a considerable amount of time understanding the culture and needs of our clients. This helps us to find candidates that are a perfect fit for their culture. 

Through strong branding, a recruiter can convince a potential candidate to choose you over a competitor even if you’re offering slightly lower in terms of salary.

Save More Money, While Gaining Some More

The ultimate goal of any company is to make a profit. One way to accomplish this is by making processes more efficient. By now, you should realize that making use of a recruitment agency helps to streamline the recruitment process. Although you have to pay a recruiter, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 

The high order volume handled by recruitment agencies allows you to pay a fraction of what you’d spend if seeking out a replacement on your own. Furthermore, using a recruitment agency reduces the likelihood of turnover, which will cost you money. Finally, hiring the right candidate will contribute positively to your company – ultimately helping improve your bottom line. 

Wrap Up

A recruiter can help your company find the best candidates for vacant positions, among many other benefits. However, it’s important to work with a reputable recruiter with a proven track record of achieving great results. Stafford Technology helps companies in the tech sphere find the ideal candidates. We can help you today!