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Without a doubt, virtual meetings have become the most popular and effective forms of broadcast, meetings, seminars, talks, and even religious gatherings for the past year. Even when the technology has always been available, it was not fully recognized/utilized until the world saw the danger it faced – not seeking an alternative to in-person interactions.

Virtual meetings are great, only that there wouldn’t be the “hand gesture” effects, “hand-holding”, body language reading, and co. Asides from this, it has saved many companies billions of dollars of revenue; in fact, new companies that have sprung within the last two years owe most of their success to virtual meetings. And one popular virtual meeting app is the Zoom virtual meeting app.

Having to work from home (for a fresher) can be so confusing; your dog molly barking, the cat Pete is making a big fuss, or the kids playing loudly. It can even lead to the festering of indiscipline and lethargy to work.

 Asides from this, there is the mammoth conundrum of choosing a suitable background. For me, and many others, the “theme” of the meeting should decide the theme you want to pick. A-Zoom meeting with the family is quite distinct from that of a conference, lectures, fans hangout, and co.  

A guideline I consider golden when choosing effective displays is “what does this design remind me of”. If you can answer this question objectively, then you may well be on your way to choosing the most effective display for your Zoom meeting.

Here is some advice on choosing an effective display for your zoom meeting;

  • Going Natural

Oh, it is so perfect, though not necessarily picturesque. It speaks of humility, simplicity, calm, and personality. In a natural display, everything looks “real” and palpable. 

However, it is not easy to achieve. If you decide to go natural/default, you must begin to plan for the display; the lightning, the background, the veil, the display width, and all. 

  • Lightning: 

Your face must be “incident” to the direction of the light source, it illumines your face and visible body area. If you can channel the sunlight, then it’s fine, else, you must source for artificial means of lighting.

  • Backgrounds: 

For a lecture, you may choose an office, home library, hang a stimulating image/graph/chart behind, and other materials with minimal distractions  

For a culinary show, you may use your kitchen, a place with saucepans, an open area/back yard, or other areas with a good source of light.

For hangouts, you may use the living room, an outer area, and almost any other simple, fun places, and so on.

  • Going with Virtual Images

Where you cannot trust the viability of the areas around to help your Zoom meetings, you can opt for any of the numerous virtual backgrounds Zoom offers. This option allows you to “transport” yourself virtually into a suitable and effective background. 

There are lots of default images/areas to choose from, but the paid option offers you a more extensive library. There was one time I opted to be in the Arctic with glaciers and all during a family zoom meeting; their confusion was priceless. 

Here are some examples of Zoom displays for any of your virtual meetings/hangouts;

  • The “CEO Window” virtual background

Only a few options (including natural) can rival the simple allure that comes with having the window of an office on the 50th floor behind you. It brings with it a boost in confidence, and a “feel good” attitude. This kind of background display is well suited to professional gatherings.

  • The “Booklover” virtual background 

How about a hundred books with their smooth covering stacked neatly on an elegant shiny bookshelf behind you? This is a background many professors would even dream of; it is just as academic as it is evocative. This kind of background is perfect for your professional zoom meetings and lectures.

  • The Minimalist virtual background

Well, the sweetly arrogant, silent, and don’t-give-a-care” display will surely command respect from fellow participants. In this decoration, simple elements are stacked in rhyming colors of sparse decorations and tones. This display could give any debtor the creeps.

  • The “modern Bookshelf” virtual background 

If you have watched many interview sessions recently, you will notice that the interviewees always like to have a well-arranged shelf just behind them. It can be hard to tell if they’re just books behind them. The simplicity and neatness leave a little enigma.

  • The Private Jet virtual background

Hey! I am off to a business conference in Tokyo, Japan, but I will join the virtual meeting on my PJ. You could cause an initial scare to your friends, family, or colleagues by having your meeting from the lush interior of a luxurious PJ.

  • Cozy home virtual background

As a panelist on a topic that may be controversial, having a “homey” background can bring that sort of calm and confidence to the zoom meeting. In this display, the living room is designed to modern and enviable taste.

  • Outdoor virtual background  

Out in your backyard, with some traditional-looking furniture and basking under the shade from sunlight can be another great display for calm. This display is useful in case of a general interview, movie commentaries, and other general meetings.

  • Moon landing virtual background

Become only the + 1 person to land on the moon with this advanced virtual display. It might throw off your audience at the beginning, and it looks cool. However, this may only be useful to informal gatherings.

  • School Fields virtual background

Having a school field background thrown behind you shows everything about solidarity, education, and learning. It could be the perfect zoom background for teaching church kids, birthdays, children learning, zoom meetings with friends, and so on.   

  • Parks and Rec. virtual background

Bring in the special office setting of your favorite TV character to help spice things more. The Leslie] Knope’s desk from Parks and recreation should be a perfect mix of both formal and funky. Ut could set an effective display for a zoom meeting where you share with children.


Choosing the most effective displays for your Zoom virtual meetings depend heavily on the theme of the meeting; fashion interview, journalist talks, presentations, conference/board meetings, and so on. However, while many prefer to use a natural background display, cramped environments, physical distractions, and unsuitable backgrounds would be a limitation. And this is why virtual backgrounds provide the best option in Zoom virtual meetings.

Look through the various background images on their background libraries for more custom and effective displays.