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A man is walking along a lonely path, and all of a sudden, a tiger jumps out at his front: There are many ways this could play out; he could either pick up a stick close to him to fight or run. At this instant, the brain of the average already concludes: Run for it. And forgetting the world around him, the man runs.
While this analogy might sound unlikely (we don’t live in danger of tigers), this is exactly what happens when we train our brain with so many negative thoughts. We lose sight of other opportunities/ways out no matter how plausible they might be. We must know that bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results; positivity is the key to success.
Positivity is the art of having a good disposition to things around you either good or bad, irrespective of the results. Positive thinking/attitude is not the absence of failures or heartaches or anxiety or stress or other morale-deflating events, it is the presence of a creative power around you that can give you a supernatural outlook on things.

Therapists and psychologists continue to emphasize the importance of positivity in our daily lives; they help their patients to see the importance of having a positive outlook on things. Positivity is the noblest attribute of highly successful people.

How does positivity lead to success?
Among the man’s greatest achievements, the best of them all is discovering the power of positivity.

Abraham Lincoln Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great, The Wright brothers, and so many others owe their invention to their great positivity and never-say-die attitude – this led to the successes of the things we enjoy today.
Here are ways positivity leads to success
Great ideas are the products of a positive attitude
The great ideas that should be resonating and vibrating in our brains and beautiful minds do not see the light because the negativity in the brain suppresses them. If you can detach yourself from the fear of what you do not know, you will create an avenue for good ideas to flow into your mind. Great ideas always lead to success even though in ways we might not expect.
A positive attitude will also bolster your confidence, and confidence leads to a release for good ideas,
A positive attitude helps in good decision making.

We are the products of our choices and decisions; the choices we make today affect our lives in the future. It will be highly impossible to make good decisions while having a bad attitude; a big reason why most people keep off from making good decisions while they are in ‘tight corners.’
When you make good decisions, success is never far out because the success of anything depends on the manner of decisions we make.
It boosts your self-esteem

We easily get anxious about the things that happen around us; oftentimes, these events damage our self-esteem and belief in ourselves. It is difficult to be successful in any venture once our self-esteem is low; you will always believe that you are incapable. Being positive about things is the best way to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

With great confidence, there is not much that we cannot achieve.
You become happy and healthy.

“You can only be successful when you’re happy and healthy”
Being positive will relieve you from anxieties and excessive stress; this way you will be able to focus on the things that are healthy for you. Stress, anxiety, depression, over-thinking, over-planning are the leading causes of conditions like heart attacks, high blood pressure, poor body metabolisms. A truly successful person is one who is healthy.

Positivity is a great motivation and energy to accomplish goals.

Finding the motivation to do our job can be difficult at times, especially when the job is monotonous, for example, a traffic warder, class teacher, receptionist, student, etc. we all find it difficult at one point. Having a positive attitude will constantly remind us why we do what we do in the first place.
A constant reminder of the reasons why we do whatever we are doing will always keep us on our feet.
Positivity can help us to see all results as a success

“I didn’t fail 1000 times; I only discovered 1000 wrong ways to light a bulb”-
These were Thomas Edison’s words on discovering the lighting bulb, words that can only come from a person who is always positive.
When you have a positive attitude, even ‘failure’ will be a success; because then you will learn firsthand how not to do it. Success means wading through failures and coming out alive.

Positivity helps you to see opportunities in every problem.

In the industrial age, DC electricity was a trail-blazer in the fight for ‘power;’ until a certain man Nikola Tesla proved how incompetent it was compared to the now popular AC electricity. Though Nikola Tesla was a ‘nobody’ had no capital and had all the odds against him, he was positive.

The result is visible in our world, as his competent AC currents drive and powers almost all industries in the world.

How can we build our positivity?
Positivity is a noble and great attitude that we can master; it might not be smooth in the beginning, but through conscious efforts, we can remain very positive. Here are some ways to be positive;

Learn to forgive yourself:
We all fail badly at one thing or the other; forgiving yourself is the best way to move on.
Be thankful:
The art of gratitude is the bedrock of every other attitude, be thankful even when there is little to be grateful for

Keep a quality circle of friends:

A bad company will always corrupt good manners; this hardly changes. It is imperative to watch the friends you keep.

Try humor:
Humor is the best way to relieve yourself of stress at work, in the home, personal problems, and all.

Wrapping up
Positivity is the greatest attitude you can have; it is the bedrock of every religion in the world.
And as J. Baxter quotes: “The difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”
Be Positive.